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4 months ago

What makes a good nest box?
Sufficient space for growing nestlings and ease of feeding by parent bluebirds.

This great video by Adam Edmunds of Michigan shows the interior of his homemade hexagonal nest box that is 30 in.² and allows both parents room to feed young nestlings. As they grow, they will have ample space to develop before fledging.

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5 months ago

Q: What's the best thing to find under a rainbow? 🌈🍀🪙
If you said "a pot of gold" we beg to differ... 🪺
📸 by Dana Grayson of our affiliate Maryland Bluebird Society

5 months ago

It’s spring and bumblebee queens are out looking for nest sites, and they especially love old chickadee nests because of the moss and other soft material. If she claims a nest box, she will start her little colony down in the nest.

If a bumblebee queen is in your nest box (you’ll hear buzzing when you tap on the box), if it’s possible, put up another box for birds nearby and let the bee nest. If not, then the only real option if it’s an old bird nest is to remove it so the bee moves ... See more

5 months ago

Bluebirds and other wildlife conservation were represented well at the Bluebirds & Bluegrass Festival in Jackson, Georgia. Did anyone else local attend?

5 months ago

Affiliate Spotlight! 🔦
The Maryland Bluebird Society is hosting an online "Bluebird Boot Camp." The event will have daily presentations on different topics related to bluebirds and other native cavity nesters. This event is being offered free of charge and you don't have to live in Maryland to join. Learn more and register at the provided link!

5 months ago

This week the birding community said goodbye to Ron Kingston who passed away in March. Both Ron and his late wife, Priscilla, were active in the North American Bluebird Society and Virginia Bluebird Society over the years, giving presentations and talks all over North America and even internationally. They were the recipients of the 2015 Virginia Bluebird Society Heritage Award. Ron is well known for his revolutionary invention - the Kingston Stovepipe Baffle, a simple and inexpensive yet ... See more

5 months ago

In addition to bluebirds, there are many other birds that nest in natural cavities or nest boxes, including several duck species. This video captured the moment hooded merganser ducklings fledged from their nest box. The mother can be heard outside the nest box calling to them. How many ducklings do you count?

Video courtesy of Ralph Tanner
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5 months ago

Get to Know Bluebirds: A Guide for Young Nature Lovers is a downloadable eBook available on our website at We encourage you to download the book and share it as widely as possible!

6 months ago

Nesting season is underway in some parts of North America, and in most others it will begin soon! Be sure to check out all of our Fact Sheets so you are ready to tackle any issue this nesting season.

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