NABS Nesting Season Hotline 2022

This Hotline is staffed by NABS volunteers and is intended for Emergency situations only!!! If birds are not in imminent danger, please request assistance on our Facebook page or via Messenger.

If birds are in imminent danger, please call or text (240) 772-1261 and be prepared to leave the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your location, including City, State and the locale of your nestbox (i.e., yard, park, trail, etc.)
  • Your email address
  • Your telephone number
  • Specific details of the emergency (include species, situation and source of danger, if known.)

A Hotline volunteer will contact you as soon as possible.


Be aware that there may be a local Bluebird Society in your State that could offer hands-on assistance. Click here for a list of NABS affiliate organizations:

Your emergency may also require immediate input or assistance from a wildlife rehabilitator. To help locate a wildlife rehabilitator near you quickly try the below links: or


Commonly reported nesting emergencies and how to handle them:

Making a nest change/Ant Infestation (PDF)

How to use a Sparrow Spooker (PDF)

I found a baby bird, what do I do?

Solutions for birds attacking windows (PDF)