Donations and Other

Donations and other ways to support NABS

In addition to our membership program, there are other ways you can contribute to NABS


Use the button at left (computer) or below (mobile device) to designate a donation to NABS General Fund for basic operating costs or to the Zeleny Endowment Fund.

Zeleny Endowment Fund

Members of the Zeleny Giving Circle started this fund with gifts of $5,000.  The fund now exceeds $100,000.  Interest and future donations will fund board –approved projects that support the NABS mission.


Give a gift to NABS in honor or in memory of a friend or loved one.  Send by mail to:

P.O. Box 7844
Bloomington, IN  47407

Property Donation
Download pdf to read one donor’s experience with donating an RV, with proceeds going to NABS.

NABS has contracted with Action Donation Services to allow for donation of personal property.

Please donate that car, boat, yacht, truck or RV that is no longer needed to the North American Bluebird Society!  Receive the maximum legal tax deductions and possibly a partial cash payment.  For more information about car, boat, RV and other property donations or to receive a “no obligation” evaluation of your potential vehicle or other property donation, click here or please call toll free:  (866) 2-GIVING or (866) 244-8464. Action Donation Services will pick up anywhere in the USA.

The following property type-specific links can be used:

For more information about car, boat, RV and other property donations, go to the ADS home page, and receive a “no obligation” evaluation of your vehicle or other property.

Gift of Stock

Consult with your financial planner or accountant.  If you have held appreciated stocks for at least one full year, you can possibly avoid capital gains tax AND receive a tax deduction for the full market value by donating the stock.