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2 days ago

Beautiful Western Bluebirds

What an interesting moment caught between these two Western Bluebirds.
This little female seems to be tolerating him standing on her head, just for a moment!

Special thanks to Ellie Delgado of Northern California for this unique capture from awhile back, too good to not share.

1 week ago

Soon enough it will be the colder months feeding time for the bluebirds. This is an interesting article written a few years ago by the late Bill
Thompson III, then Editor of the Bird Watcher’s Digest, a wonderful publication. He writes about why there was a change of strategy at his house on offering mealworms in the ‘Too Much of a Good Thing’ paragraph. Homemade suet is very popular with birds—fun and easy to make in your kitchen. A homemade suet recipe called Suet Dough is also ... See more

1 week ago

Eastern bluebird eating a tiny fruit, possibly a variety of crab apple.

Bluebirds often find fruits and berries to enjoy, especially in the cooler months when insects are not as easy to find.

Do you have trees, plants or shrubs that produce fruits or berries that your bluebirds or other birds enjoy?

Read all about the bluebird diet at this great link from Sialis!

Photo courtesy of Laura Pettigrew, Indianapolis, Indiana

2 weeks ago

Happy September. Here is a nice article from Cornell NestWatch as autumn is soon upon us. Enjoy.

2 weeks ago

A pair of Eastern bluebird fledglings. Photo by Sherri Lee Ramsey of Maryland. Taken on 20 August 21.

2 weeks ago

Mountain Bluebird (Sialia currucoides) in Wyoming by Brad Schwarm.

3 weeks ago

This is a great episode from Wisconsin Public Radio about nest boxes and an update to one of the best books out there about nest boxes: the Audubon Birdhouse Book, which has recently been updated. Check out the program and the wonderful book.

1 month ago

Steve Galli in SE Pennsylvania contacted us with a photo of this brood that hatched Wednesday, August 18. Steve told us all four eggs hatched — second brood for this pair. Is anyone else having late nests/hatchings this season? If yes, what is your general location and hatching dates?

1 month ago

Who has been monitoring Western Bluebirds this season? If so, what region? This Western Bluebird fledgling was lens captured by Frank Kirkpatrick yesterday morning (8/10/21) in Trout Lake, WA (Klickitat County). It is one of 5 that fledged of a second brood by the same pair in his nestbox.

1 month ago

Brand new Eastern Bluebird babies discovering the world.

3 fledglings spotted on a branch in Lafayette, Indiana not long after fledging their nest box.

Seeing a photo like this reminds us of why we do what we do!

For all of you that help bluebirds, this capture sums up the great work you all do. Just adorable.

Special thanks to Lisa J. Roberts Maas, for this photo taken by her Son Josiah Maas.

1 month ago

Who reports their annual nestbox results to Cornell NestWatch?

1 month ago

Here is an interesting updated report and photo by Jane Brockway in Montana—near some wildfire areas.

Western bluebirds, Mineral County (near the airport) This couple is raising their 2nd clutch of 5 (chicks are about 12 days). Why is this notable? 3 pairs near the airport had just started setting on their 2nd clutches when fire season started early. Mineral County's little airport became crowded with about 8 helicopter teams and other personel to fight the fires here in Mineral County. ... See more

1 month ago

Important information from the American Bird Conservancy.

1 month ago

Some recent Eastern bluebird fledglings from this nest box in central Georgia. There are five total that fledged.

2 months ago

The nest boxes on this trail located in central Georgia are on their third broods for the season.

*although these are on fence posts, they are protected from predators with electric fencing wire in place of standard cylinder baffles

2 months ago

Photographer Becky Boyd captured this cutie--one of three that fledged on April 23, 2021. Knoxville, TN.

2 months ago

Sharing photographer Brian Small’s photo of this handsome Western Bluebird which graces Birdwatching Magazine.

2 months ago

Fabulous film!

2 months ago

April Holland (located in TN) sent us this photo with this question: “Our bluebirds have been going a bit nuts this year. We normally have a few bluebird babies a year in our bluebird house, but this summer we have 14 bluebird eggs in one bluebird house! No one has hatched yet and it’s been at least over a month. The bluebirds still sit on them during the day. Any hypotheses? Are they just empties? “

Thank you, April, for sharing! It’s a great question! Three of us at NABS ... See more

2 months ago

For those who reside in proximity to the mid-Atlantic states:

2 months ago

How many of you are in the 17-year cicada Brood X areas this year? Now that the insects have been winding down in their breeding cycle, what were the impacts seen with the bluebirds in your nestboxes and on your bluebird trails? Cornell NestWatch has an article on their blog and are asking to report in your cicada impact findings to NestWatch. Share here your observations with us here, too! Post your photos and stories below. ... See more

3 months ago


Huge thanks to all who submitted photos for our bluebirds/mealworms fact sheet. We think we have what we need and the rest of the photos will be shared with our webmaster for possible use in the slideshow on our website.

NOW, we are in need of photos of bluebirds (single birds and/or multiples) on nestboxes. We would like for those nestboxes in the photos to meet our recommended NABS specifications as the photos will be used in our revised Getting Started with ... See more

3 months ago

Stunning photo by Mike Brown. Here is his caption: One of my favorite all time shots I have taken of the male Eastern Bluebird. He was singing and waving his wings at the female on the nesting box nearby from where he was perched on this old snag. Bluebirds are special and my #1 favorite bird of all. The Sky on his back and the Earth on his chest! Captured March of 2019 here on Bluebird Ridge in eastern Daviess County, Kentucky.

4 months ago

Using a rectangular-shaped mirror is a great tool! Auto visor mirrors work great, too.

4 months ago

Here is a good article about deterring wasps in nestboxes. Contributing Editor Julie Craves answers readers’ questions about birds and bird behavior as a columnist in every issue of BirdWatching. This article was published in 2018. A thin soap film on the ceiling was ...and is still is ... recommended to deter them from their paper combs adhering to the wood. Also interesting in this article is mention of how the non-native European paper wasp builds its nest. NOTE: when installing ... See more

4 months ago

Sweet photo of these two juveniles. Photo is by Becky Boyd, Knoxville, TN.
May, 9, 2021.

4 months ago

Great educational article from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Please share.

4 months ago

Happy fledgling photos taken by Suzanne Stonehouse Brummel in Elkhart, IN, on May 2 and 3, 2021. Who has had first brood fledged bluebirds thus far and what is your location?

4 months ago

Steve Galli shared this portrait of this male hanging out. Photo taken April 25, 2021, in SE Pennyslvania.

5 months ago

Excellent information from NestWatch.

5 months ago

Interesting report from NestWatch. How is it going thus far with the bluebirds in your location?

5 months ago
Bluebirds & Bluejays

Here is a lovely video capture of this handsome male Eastern Bluebird calling for a mate. Notice bluebirds do not open their beaks to sing—their sweet warbles come gently through their throats. Recorded just this morning (April 5, 2021) in
Woodbury, CT, by Victoria Foulke. Click on the hyperlink below or tap on tbe photo to open this YouTube video. Enjoy!

I love my little Bluebirds! This little guy is singing trying to attract a mate! I also love my Blue Jays because they always let me know when something is g...

6 months ago

This looks very interesting. For those new to birds, you might want to consider watching and enjoying learning from this webinar recording. Just click on the title below to see it. Check out these bluebird fledglings almost ready to get into the real world from this natural cavity!

6 months ago

The North American Bluebird Society's affiliate for this week is for the Island of Bermuda! This island is 650 miles off the mainland of the US. Wow!

Please visit this webpage and look at the photo gallery and read about the bluebirds on this Atlantic Ocean Island!

The NABS representative for this Society is Christine Boran

The Bermuda Bluebird Society
Stuart M. Smith

6 months ago

It's Monday!

Today's featured North American Bluebird Society and NABS affiliate is for the State of Missouri. Great State, great people!
The beautiful photo featured is from Steve Garr and is featured on their webpage with some other beautiful photos submitted my their members. Enjoy!

The NABS representative for this State is Jim Burke
Contact email is


Missouri Bluebird Society
Steve Garr
P.O. Box 105830
Jefferson City, MO ... See more

6 months ago

Due to COVID-19, NABS Affiliate Ohio Bluebird Society (OBS) is doing a virtual conference for 2021. The theme is: Back to the Basics. The presentations (listed below) are now viewable for you to watch all together on one page on the OBS's website! Find them all here. Enjoy!

PRESENTATIONS available to view:

- Bet Zimmerman Smith – Bluebirding 101
- Bet ... See more

6 months ago

The North American Bluebird Society "State Bluebird Affiliates" for this week, are for the State of Indiana.

The NABS representative for this State and these Organizations is Bernie Daniels. He can be reached at the email address below.

Please view these great organizations and websites where listed. There are 4 for you to view!


Bluebird Team SMG, Sunnyside Master Gardeners
Contact Bernie Daniels

Brown County Bluebird Club
Dan Sparks
2634 Scarce ... See more

6 months ago

In case you ever wondered what happens when a bluebird encounters a house sparrow inside a nestbox, watch this video. The bluebird does manage to escape, but that is not always the case as many of us have learned first-hand.

6 months ago

The North American Bluebird Society Affiliates and Bluebird Societies this week are for the great state of Illinois.
Please click on any link to reach your district.

Or view the contact information and phone number for these 5 great organizations.

State of Illinois

Bond County Bluebird Society
James E. Wilson, D. Mus
502 Shannon Drive
Greenville, IL 62246-1359

East Central Illinois Bluebird Society
Paul or Janice Thode
2420 County Road 0 ... See more

7 months ago

Steve Galli took this photo of these two males huddling together during a snowstorm in Southeast Pennsylvania last week,
February 7. Won't be long now that they'll separate themselves and will establish their own territory to raise new families of Blues.

7 months ago

The featured Bluebird Society and North American Bluebird Society Affiliate for this week is for the State of Minnesota.

"The Bluebird Recovery Program of Minnesota"

The contact information is below, Please click on the link to visit their webpage.

The NABS representative for this State is Jim Burke

Bluebird Recovery Program of Minnesota
P.O. Box 984
Faribault, MN 55021
Carrol Johnson

7 months ago

The State Bluebird Societies and North American Bluebird Society affiliates for this week are for the State of California.

There are two organizations to mention for this State, please see contact information below.
Please view all of the great information on the web pages of these two wonderful organizations!

California Bluebird Recovery Program
Dick Blaine
22284 N. De Anza Circle
Cupertino, CA 95014

Southern California Bluebird ... See more

7 months ago

This looks like an interesting educational webinar on Zoom, "Happy Cats and Healthy Birds", sponsored by Denver Audubon and the Bird Conservancy of the Rockies. It's a FREE event on Wednesday, February 10. Note the time is 6 PM Eastern time (5 PM Central, 4 PM Mountain, 3 PM Pacific). The information is as follows, including the registration link.

Event by Denver Audubon and Bird Conservancy of the Rockies

Wednesday, February 10, 2021 at 6 PM EST (3 PM CST, 4 PM ... See more

7 months ago

It has been very cold in Virginia. This sweet capture of this down-feather-puffed out male is by photographer Andrew Wilds, Lynchburg, VA, taken on January 28, 2021.

7 months ago
Photos from North American Bluebird Society's post

Featured Bluebird Society and North American Bluebird Society Affiliate

For the State of New Jersey

Please visit the webpage of this great Bluebird Society. Links are provided for their newsletters and also a great gallery from where this photo of an Eastern Bluebird was taken from. Also much more helpful information on the site to explore for New Jersey Bluebird Enthusiasts.

Contact information is below and the NABS Representative for this organization is Kathy Kremnitzer.

New Jersey

New ... See more

7 months ago
Photos from North American Bluebird Society's post

Fun series of captures today (1/29/21) from David Kinneer, Fredericksburg VA. Here is his narrative: “The wind really complicates things for the birds as they move about. Sometimes a gust is so strong it blows them off their perch. It messes up my photos too. Here the bird's right wing shows the influence of the wind as he jumps from a lower branch. As you can see in the second photo, he does make it. But he didn't stay up there long.”

7 months ago

Featured North American Bluebird Society Affiliate for

The State of Colorado

We are listing a couple links for you to view for The Colorado Bluebird Project.

The webpage is under construction but there are a couple of other important links describing how you can become involved or just read about the project itself and the results of the 2020 nesting year.

The contact information is below. Currently there is not an assigned NABS representative, but please feel free to contact Kevin ... See more

8 months ago

This male Eastern Bluebird looks relaxed. His duties finding some potential nest sites and courting a mate is coming soon. Photo was recently captured by Michael Knauer at the Ashland Nature Preserve, Delaware—January 2021.

8 months ago

Featured State Bluebird Organizations and North American Bluebird Society Affilates

State of New York

There are 4 New York State NABS affiliates in no particular order. Please check these sites out if you are in New York and interested in helping Eastern Bluebirds. Many help with other Native Bird advice. Some have websites and some have phone numbers or email contacts!

New York
Bronx River-Sound Shore Audubon Society 📷
Sandy Morrissey
Scarsdale, ... See more

8 months ago

Nice portrait of this male—lens captured today (1/16/21) by Becky Boyd. Becky captions it, “He looks sort of perturbed that it's so cold and breezy today in Knoxville TN.”

8 months ago

Sonnie Riley shared this lovely photo of a leucistic Eastern Bluebird in his location of Haymarket, VA.

8 months ago

Our first featured "State" and North American Bluebird Society Affiliates for this New Year of 2021.

Happy 2021 everyone. Starting things off with Idaho!

We have two featured Affiliates for the beautiful State of Idaho to share with you all.

There are over 400 species of birds in Idaho. Explore the webpage for the Golden Eagle Audubon Society and see the programs offered on that web page. The photo on this post is featured on that site! Please enjoy their page with other beautiful photos ... See more

8 months ago

The nesting season is closing in already. Are your nesting boxes cleaned out from last season, repaired, and ready for the male to check them out to show off to his mate?

9 months ago

Featured Bluebird Society and North American Bluebird Society Affiliate

For The State of Oklahoma

There is one NABS affiliate in the State of Oklahoma.

It is hard to mention this State without wanting to sing that great song that we all know so well. "Oklahoma"

But there are also many Bluebirds and Bluebird enthusiasts in this great State too. Check out their website today!

This is the contact information for this Society. Please contact the Oklahoma Bluebird Society for help or ... See more

10 months ago

Featured North American Bluebird Society Affiliate

For the State of "West Virginia"

The contact person for the "Potamic Valley Audubon Society" is Kristin Alexander, her contact number is available on the web page.

With a mission Statement that says:
"We are people dedicating to preserving, restoring and enjoying the natural world through education and action"
Says it all!

We are happy to bring this information here today as our featured NABS affiliate.

Please view and enjoy their webpage ... See more

10 months ago

****Reposting our November 9th, 2020 NABS affiliate post that disappeared from our feed!
Seems there are some glitches that we hope work themselves out soon.

Here is the November 9, 2020 post once again!

Featured Bluebird Societies and NABS affiliates for
The State of "Iowa"

These are the 3 North American Bluebird Society Affiliates for the State of Iowa.

Focusing on the beautiful Eastern Bluebird!

Please see the contact information below if you are in the State of Iowa and seek ... See more

10 months ago

Featured Bluebird Society and NABS affiliate

For the State of "North Carolina"

This is a very extensive webpage that even has a page where you can submit photos. Click on the link to go to that page! Even if you are not submitting a photo, it is pleasurable to see all the photos of Eastern Bluebirds like this featured photo by Barbara Kinner that is featured on that page.

Very well put together and excellent web page!

The North Carolina Bluebird Society is a dedicated organization ... See more

10 months ago

Featured Bluebird Society and NABS affiliate
for Manitoba, Canada

Friends of the Bluebirds

"Friends of the Bluebirds" is a NABS affiliate and organization that helps both Eastern Bluebirds and Mountain Bluebirds. Both are in this range in Canada.

The page is interesting and covers the history of John Lane. After noticing a decline in Bluebirds, John became a bander and started the genesis that lead into the formation of this organization.

Please click on the link and read the history ... See more

11 months ago

Featured NABS affiliate

For the State of "Maine"

The Downeast Audubon Society

If you are in the State of Maine and love Bluebirds, please
get involved with the Downeast Audubon's Bluebird Trail!
The data collected from nesting boxes is for not only Bluebirds, but other cavity-nesting birds like Tree Swallows, Chickadees and others.

Data is collected and submitted to Cornell's Nest Watch.
This organization supports and helps with many species of birds. We will attach the link that takes you ... See more

11 months ago

Featured Bluebird Organization and NABS affiliate for the

State of "Oregon"

The Prescott Bluebird Recovery Program

The Prescott Bluebird Recovery Program or (PBRP) is a volunteer based, non-profit organization dedicated to protecting, recovering and preserving the Western Bluebird.

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has declared the Western Bluebird as a “sensitive species” in Oregon. PBRP is a proud affiliate of the North American Bluebird Society.

Since the 1970s, the ... See more

11 months ago

Featured Bluebird Society

For the State of “Louisiana”

"The Louisiana Bayou Bluebird Society" is another great North American Bluebird Society Affiliate. Many members and board members are experienced and passionate bluebirders.

Their website offers a great gallery of photos like the featured photo taken by Kenny Kleinpeter of Baton Rouge, LA... titled “Blue in Willow” This photo and many others are included on the “picture link” located on the home page.

There is also a ... See more

11 months ago

Featured State Bluebird Society for

The State of “Nebraska"

"Bluebirds Across Nebraska" is an organization and North American Bluebird Society Affiliate for the State of Nebraska.

This group is not only for those seeking Bluebird advice or help in the State of Nebraska, but also some surrounding communities and/or States.

Their store offers an assortment of different nesting boxes, from the Troyer Slot Box, Gilwoods and PVC styles, etc.

County Coordinators are listed under contacts. ... See more

12 months ago

Featured Bluebird Society for

"Ontario, Canada”

The Ontario Eastern Bluebird Society

What a great group this is! Their great website has a beautiful photo gallery that is so enjoyable to view. The photo featured below by Robert McCaw, is in the gallery along with many other wonderful shots of Bluebirds.
Another feature to mention, is that they have a link to the other North American Bluebird Society affiliates listed, for everyone's convenience. With one click, you're there!

This ... See more

1 year ago

Featured State Bluebird Society

The State of Maryland

Another great “North American Bluebird Society Affiliate" for this
beautiful State of Maryland, for you to view.

Their webpage offers PDF formats of past newsletters and a
great photo gallery. The website also includes links for rehabbers, many important forms, and lots of information for helping Eastern Bluebirds.
Please see the list of County Coordinators ready to assist anyone seeking help for Bluebirds in the State of Maryland. ... See more

1 year ago

Featured State NABS affiliate

For the State of Arizona

The Tucson Audubon Society is another great North American Bluebird Society affiliate.

Please click on the link below and read about the Azure Bluebirds!

Azure (or Mexican) Bluebirds are a subspecies of the Eastern Bluebird. They have a very limited range in northern Mexico and southeast Arizona, primarily nesting in mountainous regions and visiting grassland areas. With their strict habitat requirements, the Azure Bluebird is ... See more

1 year ago

Featured Bluebird Society

"The great State of Ohio"

We cannot mention enough good things about The Ohio Bluebird Society, which is another North American Bluebird Society Affiliate. Their webpage is easy to navigate and educational to look at even if you don't live in Ohio. It is informative and accurate. From links on the page titled “Enemies of Bluebirds” to many other information packed pages, you will enjoy browsing this link. Not to mention, there are so many great people ... See more

1 year ago

Featured State Bluebird Societies and NABS Affiliates

For the State of "Virginia"

Virginia is home not only to the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountain range but also home to some of the most influential people involved in Bluebird Conservation!

This fantastic and picturesque State has 3 North American Bluebird Society affiliates mentioned in this post in no particular order.

We suggest that you click on each of these Societies and explore what each of them offers regarding Eastern ... See more

1 year ago

Who paired nest boxes for the bluebirds and the tree swallows this nesting season? What spacing did you use from one nest box to the other for success for both species to nest as friendly neighbors without squabbling?

1 year ago

Featured State Bluebird Societies

The beautiful State of Florida!

Florida, the Sunshine State, has two North American Bluebird Society Affiliates. Please check out both of these websites. These two societies have so much information on their websites, it is very interesting to browse through and see how the Bluebirds of Florida may differ from the Bluebirds in the North or the State that you live in.
Florida is home to the Eastern Bluebird.

The North American Bluebird Society loves to hear ... See more

1 year ago

Featured Bluebird Society

"South Carolina"

The South Carolina Bluebird Society webpage is packed with great information from their Bluebird Facts and History page, to Trail Statistics listed year by year.
They give statistics on White Eggs and other interesting information regarding Eastern Bluebirds.

Please check out this wonderful Bluebird Society and support them to help not only bluebirds, but bluebird loving people, in the gorgeous State of South Carolina. ... See more

1 year ago

This Eastern Bluebird juvenile, expertly captured by photographer John Holland, Jr., is from a first brood. It fledged during the first week of May. Interesting to see the molting process at this time of year into its fabulous adult plumage. Photo was taken on 8/4/20, in Winston-Salem, NC.

1 year ago

Featured State Bluebird Society


The Bluegrass State!

Kentucky is a gorgeous State with so much to love, rolling hills, horses, great people, passion, music and of course Eastern Bluebirds!
Please check out this wonderful Bluebird Society, not only if you live in Kentucky, but even if you don't.

The Kentucky Bluebird Society

1 year ago

How do bluebird youngsters get some relief in this summer heat? Playtime in a cool, clear water birdbath with the siblings! Photo is by Mary Kohls Blanke, Elkhart Lake, WI.

1 year ago

“When nature made the bluebird, she wished to propitiate both the sky and the earth, so she gave him the color of the one on his back and the hue of the other on his breast.”
~ John Burroughs

Photo of the Eastern Bluebird male in flight is by David Kinneer.

1 year ago

Featured Bluebird Societies

Alberta, Canada

There are 3 North American Bluebird Society Affiliates for Alberta Canada

This Beautiful Area of North America focuses on the Mountain Bluebird.
Two have websites to visit and one is an email contact and phone number.
Visit websites and contacts for additional information

Calgary Area Nestbox Monitors
Ron Reist
5720 59 Ave.
Olds, Alberta T4H 1k3-CANADA

Ellis Bird Farm, Ltd.

Mountain ... See more

1 year ago

Lovely setting for this male Eastern Bluebird. Photo captured by Bill Welch, Southwest Ohio.

1 year ago

Featured State Bluebird Society


The Beautiful State of Pennsylvania has a wonderful Bluebird Society that offers Grants and other helpful links and information right on their website.

The Bluebird Society of Pennsylvania has dedicated volunteers, including county coordinators that are ready to help anyone in the State of Pennsylvania with their Eastern Bluebird questions or needs. Please show your support for this wonderful Bluebird educational organization.

Other links for ... See more

1 year ago

Photographer Laurie Dirkx from Ontario, NY, captures through the lens that Mom bluebird definitely approves the caregiving skills by her handsome, hardworking mate.

1 year ago

Featured State Bluebird Society

The Great State of "Arkansas"

Bella Vista Bluebird Society

Additional links in the comment section

1 year ago

As promised for everyone.....

This Monday's featured State Bluebird Society


Bluebird Restoration in Wisconsin.

This is such a helpful Bluebird Organization, with great information and many guides, charts and tips to help anyone that wants to become involved or learn about the beautiful Eastern Bluebird.
Please see other associated links in the comment section.

Each year BRAW members’ nest boxes alone fledge over 20,000 bluebirds, plus numerous tree swallows, chickadees and ... See more

1 year ago

Featured State Bluebird Societies

The North American Bluebird Society is happy to announce that we will begin to feature one NABS Affiliate State Bluebird Society/Organization on our Facebook page. We will do this occasionally in no particular order as a way to “highlight” these wonderful organizations! This is not only a great opportunity for you to explore and support your own State Bluebird Society, but also learn what other States are doing and suggesting to help our beloved bluebirds ... See more

1 year ago

Happy Independence Day!
Photo is by David Kinneer.
Location: Fredericksburg, Virginia.

1 year ago

Happy Tuesday. What a great shot by photographer Gail Miller. This animated youngster is making itself known to Dad Eastern Bluebird. This was captured on June 28, 2020 in Conway (Faulkner Co.) Arkansas.

1 year ago

Who participates by sending nesting data to NestWatch?

1 year ago

This photo of this Eastern Bluebird juvenile enjoying this natural perch was captured by Craig Marsh at Badin Lake, NC, last year, June 2019. You can see by the size of the large round eyes why the bluebird has keen eyesight!

1 year ago

Thank you, NestWatch, regarding the announcement of our NEW Fact Sheet of the Eastern Bluebird Nestling Growth Chart! Do you have yours saved and printed yet? If not, here is the link to it.

1 year ago

How about a Q & A Webinar about nesting birds with Cornell NestWatch? Held at lunchtime on June 18 from 12-1 pm EDT.
Register below to attend. Sounds really interesting!

1 year ago

All native cavity nesting birds should be welcomed to raise their young in our nestboxes. How many of you have had the Tufted Titmouse use your box? Their calls are easy to ID on your grounds: it sounds similar to “Peter! Peter! Peter!”

1 year ago

A wonderful intiative. Please share.

1 year ago

"As long as there are bluebirds, there will be miracles and a way to find happiness."
- Shirl Brunnel, I Hear Bluebirds, 1984

1 year ago

A report from bander Bill Hilton, Jr., of Hilton Pond (SC). Thanks for checking in with NABS, Bill. Really nice close look at this Eastern Bluebird male.