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2 days ago

Beautiful Western Bluebirds

What an interesting moment caught between these two Western Bluebirds.
This little female seems to be tolerating him standing on her head, just for a moment!

Special thanks to Ellie Delgado of Northern California for this unique capture from awhile back, too good to not share.

1 week ago

Soon enough it will be the colder months feeding time for the bluebirds. This is an interesting article written a few years ago by the late Bill
Thompson III, then Editor of the Bird Watcher’s Digest, a wonderful publication. He writes about why there was a change of strategy at his house on offering mealworms in the ‘Too Much of a Good Thing’ paragraph. Homemade suet is very popular with birds—fun and easy to make in your kitchen. A homemade suet recipe called Suet Dough is also ... See more

1 week ago

Eastern bluebird eating a tiny fruit, possibly a variety of crab apple.

Bluebirds often find fruits and berries to enjoy, especially in the cooler months when insects are not as easy to find.

Do you have trees, plants or shrubs that produce fruits or berries that your bluebirds or other birds enjoy?

Read all about the bluebird diet at this great link from Sialis!

Photo courtesy of Laura Pettigrew, Indianapolis, Indiana

2 weeks ago

Happy September. Here is a nice article from Cornell NestWatch as autumn is soon upon us. Enjoy.

2 weeks ago

A pair of Eastern bluebird fledglings. Photo by Sherri Lee Ramsey of Maryland. Taken on 20 August 21.

2 weeks ago

Mountain Bluebird (Sialia currucoides) in Wyoming by Brad Schwarm.

3 weeks ago

This is a great episode from Wisconsin Public Radio about nest boxes and an update to one of the best books out there about nest boxes: the Audubon Birdhouse Book, which has recently been updated. Check out the program and the wonderful book.

1 month ago

Steve Galli in SE Pennsylvania contacted us with a photo of this brood that hatched Wednesday, August 18. Steve told us all four eggs hatched — second brood for this pair. Is anyone else having late nests/hatchings this season? If yes, what is your general location and hatching dates?

1 month ago

Who has been monitoring Western Bluebirds this season? If so, what region? This Western Bluebird fledgling was lens captured by Frank Kirkpatrick yesterday morning (8/10/21) in Trout Lake, WA (Klickitat County). It is one of 5 that fledged of a second brood by the same pair in his nestbox.

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