Nestbox Plans

The NABS Nestbox Committee discontinued the nestbox approval process in February of 2012 with the acknowledgement that nestboxes of different designs may work in one geographical area but perhaps not in another.  The committee urges bluebirders to consider the basic recommendations listed in the Nestbox Fact Sheet (Download PDF) before determining whether a nestbox is safe for cavity-nesting birds.

Below are links to downloadable PDF files of plans for building several types of nestboxes.

Eastern/Western Bluebird Nestbox (Revised 1/2020) (PDF)  (Docx)

DANDR Nestbox   (PDF)

Gilbertson Nestbox    (PDF)

Peterson Nestbox    (PDF)

Side-Opening Mountain Bluebird Nestbox   (PDF)

Carl Little Bluebird Box   (PDF)

Gilwood Nestbox   (PDF)

Hanging Nestbox   (PDF)

Purvis Lifter for Hanging Nestboxes  (PDF)

How to Make a Simple Nestbox Retriever   (PDF)

Texas Blues TB-1 Nestbox    (PDF)

X-Box Bluebird Nestbox   (PDF)

Troyer Slot Box  (PDF)

Nest Box Predator Guards   (PDF)

Mounting a nestbox on a smooth metal pole