NABS Fact Sheets

For further assistance, please use our Contact page. Most fact sheets are printable versions indicated by (PDF) after each title.

Getting Started with Bluebirds  (PDF)

NABS Bluebird FAQ (common questions) (PDF)

Nestbox Plans

Nestbox Recommendations   (PDF)

Monitoring Bluebird Nest Boxes  (PDF)

Sample MS Excel Monitoring Spreadsheet (with Sample Data)

Predator Control   (PDF)

House Sparrow Control   (PDF)

Mealworms   (PDF)

NABS Welcome Brochure (with Membership Form)  (PDF)

EABL Nesting Growth Chart  (PDF)

Bluebird Education Tools

NABS Presentations and Fact Sheets

Long and short versions of NABS PowerPoint presentations w/scripts and NABS Fact Sheets.

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Education Packet – This PDF file contains coloring pages, puzzles and informative pages designed for grades 1-5.

Links to Other Useful Information

Mountain Bluebird Trails has an excellent Children’s Bluebird Activity Book

Bluebird-L Facebook Group – Closed group – request to join group to see posts

Bluebird Monitors Group Forum – Yahoo password required to post

Bluebird Nut Cafe discussion forum – Free forum. Registration required to post, but not to read.

*Please note: The topics in this reference guide do not necessarily reflect NABS policies or opinions on bluebirds and other cavity nesting species. The links are merely provided for your convenience. The guide was compiled and is maintained by Cornell.