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Important Membership Notification: Annual Meeting Notice

The NABS Annual meeting is scheduled for 9/4/2018. Download information related to the annual meeting below.

Annual Meeting Notification (PDF)

Important Membership Notification: Notice of Annual Election

Per NABS By-Laws we hold an annual election of our board members. Information pertinent to this year’s election and candidates’ resumes can be downloaded below.

Annual Election notification  (PDF)

Important Membership Notification:  By-Laws Changes

The NABS By-Laws have been reviewed and some revisions have been proposed.  Please review the suggested changes.  A vote of the membership will take place this summer.  Watch for your ballot in the summer edition of the journal, Bluebird.

Proposed By-Laws Changes  (PDF)

Website Terms and Conditions (PDF)

Website Privacy Policy (PDF)


/httpdocs/PDF/Migratory%20Bird%20Treaty.pdf" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Migratory Bird Treaty Act Information (PDF)


NABS Tax Returns (in PDF format)

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2018 990EZ, 2018 Schedule A, 2018 Schedule O