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By Mail:

North American Bluebird Society (NABS)
P.O. Box 7844
Bloomington, IN  47407

Membership Questions:

General Questions:
Call (513) 266-4381 (phone calls during business hours only, please)

NABS Hotline:   for bluebird nesting emergencies 

This line is staffed by volunteers and is intended for emergency situations only.

Examples of emergencies:

  • Injured birds (adults or young) due to a suspected predator or similar situation
  • Suspected abandonment of nestlings (no adult birds seen visiting the nest after several hours of observation)
  • Damage or vandalism to a nestbox with nestlings or eggs
  • House sparrow attack or harassment

If your situation fits any of the above circumstances, please call or text (513) 266-4381Be prepared to leave the following information:

Your Name
Your location, including city/state and nestbox setting (i.e., yard, park, trail, etc.)
Your email address
Your phone number
Details of the emergency situation

A Hotline volunteer will respond to you as soon as possible.

Besides contacting the NABS Hotline, you can also send us a message through our Facebook page, contact your state or county bluebird society or contact a local wildlife rehabilitator that has experience with songbirds.

Please Note:  The NABS Hotline team is staffed by experienced bluebirders who are devoting their time and expertise to offer assistance in emergency situations involving native cavity-nesting birds.  If your situation is deemed to be a non-emergency by a volunteer, you will be contacted by email as soon as is possible.  You may also be directed to the following sources:


Post Requests to NABS Facebook page or send a message to our administrators.

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