Board of Directors

NABS Officers


Bernie Daniel – President

Bernie Daniel is a retired environmental research scientist who lives with his wife, Marie, in Symmes Township in southwestern Ohio.  Bernie has been a member of NABS since about 2001, and has served NABS as a member of the Board, Editor, and President and is a life member, and past president of the Ohio Bluebird Society.  He has been bluebirding (off and on!) since 1953 and currently maintains his own trail of 40 nestboxes in Ohio.  He has published some 140 research peer-reviewed papers in environmental science and has participated in the North American Breeding Bird Survey since 1996. He enjoys the study of bird song and the challenge of “birding by ear”.



1st Vice President for Affiliate Relations

Kevin Corwin is a retired computer scientist who lives in Centennial, a suburb of Denver, Colorado.  He became involved with bluebirds in 2003 when he helped establish the Colorado Bluebird Project under the auspices of the Audubon Society of Greater Denver and made it a NABS affiliate. He also participates in monitoring a trail of 44 nestboxes about 30 miles south of Denver.  He is a volunteer Naturalist at Roxborough State Park near Denver, a Senior Docent with the Raptor Education Foundation, a participant in the North American Breeding Bird Survey for the USGS, and he has several other volunteer activities to keep him busy.  In addition to serving as a NABS Director, Kevin is also a member of the Finance Committee and the Development Committee.


Jim Burke – 2nd Vice President for Community Relations


Jim Burke is a co-founder and past president of the South Carolina Bluebird Society. He was chairman of the planning committee for NABS 2013 in Aiken, SC. Jim has been a NABS board member since 2012 and currently serves as the Second Vice President for Community Relations and as Chairman of the NABS Membership Committee.  He is also a board member for the North Carolina Bluebird Society.



Kathy Kremnitzer – Secretary

Kathy Kremnitzer is a retired educator and has been a bluebird landlord for 30 years.  During nesting season, she monitors 80 boxes in Frederick and Washington Counties in Maryland, and is part of a 4-person monitoring team for the Antietam National Battlefield’s 100 nestboxes in Sharpsburg.  She currently serves as President of the Maryland Bluebird Society, of which she is a Life Member and also serves as County Coordinator for Frederick County.   Kathy has been a NABS board member since 2009 and has served as Secretary since 2011.  She is as an administrator for both the NABS and Maryland Bluebird Society Facebook pages and responds to many requests for information and assistance, especially during nesting season.  She lives in Knoxville, Maryland with her husband and scotty dog, George, and loves to spend as much time as possible with her children and four grandsons.

Jim Englebrecht – Treasurer

Jim Engelbrecht is a semi-retired management accountant (CPA) who lives with his wife, Wendy, in Rouses Point, NY, which is in the extreme northeastern corner of the state.  He works part-time as a bookkeeper for the National Alliance on Mental Illness – Champlain Valley.  He started bluebirding after retiring from Wyeth Laboratories, by monitoring boxes at a local golf course.  He is active in the New York State Bluebird Society as a county coordinator and as 2nd VP.  He has served on the NABS board since 2012 and as NABS Treasurer since late 2014.  Jim issues monthly financial reports, prepares the annual 990 report and mails the Bluebird Journal to our Canadian members.  He serves on the Executive Committee and chairs the Finance Committee.

Board Members (Listed Alphabetically)


Jane Brockway and her husband, Alan live in Mineral County located in western Montana.  She started bluebirding in 1998. Jane and her husband purchased part of his family’s ranch and they had been told by Alan’s grandparents that there had always been bluebirds in the area, nesting in fence posts. Mineral County is prime bluebird habitat, with mostly Western Bluebirds, but also Mountain Bluebirds.  Jane continues to work for bluebird conservation and education and is now a master bander with Mountain Bluebird Trails (MBT), a NABS affiliate.  During the nesting season she weekly monitors (and bands) an 80+ nestbox trail that is spread over 20 miles.  In addition to being a NABS director, Jane also serves as the editor of the MBT’s newsletter and has been a director in the organization for over 10 years.  Jane is an avid bluebird photographer.

Vicki Butler lives in Sacramento California with her wife Twyla Rowe. She is a retired drinking water treatment plant manager.  She enjoys wood working and builds her own nest boxes.  She began monitoring Wood Duck boxes in 2004, expanding her trail by attaching smaller boxes to the sides of the Wood Duck boxes and attracted Tree Swallows. She rebuilt the local Federal Wildlife Refuges’ boxes for Barn Owls and American Kestrels and has monitored them ever since.  In an attempt to attract Western Bluebirds at her home in a residential section of Sacramento, she started putting up hanging boxes at the local golf course and city park.  She currently has 7 trails with 100 boxes throughout Sacramento County.  She has been modifying her landscape adding native plants that attract insects and birds and was thrilled to have a Bluebird feeding on the berries of a tree that she planted, but is still waiting for a bluebird pair to nest on her property. In addition to serving as a NABS director, Vicki is a County Coordinator for the California Bluebird Recovery Program, a NABS affiliate organization.



Stan Fisher lives in Boyds, Maryland and he monitors a trail at his home (Bluebird Hill Farm) as well as four other nearby trails. He is currently the president of the Maryland Bluebird Society. He actively assists others in his community on getting started with bluebirding by serving as a local resource for speaking and trail monitoring.  Stan is a Charter as well as a Life member of NABS.  In addition to serving as a NABS director, Stan is also as a member of the Grants Committee and co-chairs the Nestbox Committee.



Allen Jackson is a resident of the State of New Jersey and is retired from the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service.  He is a co-founder and the current president of the New Jersey Bluebird Society, a NABS affiliate.  Allen has erected over 600 bluebird boxes on some 50 bluebird trails and he monitors his own 70- box trail. He has authored numerous articles on proper trail management for martins and bluebirds, with a special focus on House Sparrow control.  He is a frequent speaker on nestbox trail management and has received numerous awards including the 2002 Purple Martin Landlord of the Year.  Allen is also a master bander for Purple Martins and Eastern Bluebirds.  In addition to being a NABS director, Allen also serves on the Development Committee, the Education Committee and co-chairs the Nestbox Committee.


Chuck James and his wife Terry live outside Knoxville, Tennessee. Since retiring as Vice President of Transonic Systems, a world leader in surgical blood flow monitoring products, Chuck has served on a number of non-profit Boards.  Chuck became interested in bluebirds about 15 years ago.  At the 2013 NABS Conference he was impressed with the South Carolina Bluebird Society and decided to start a similar organization in Tennessee. Today he serves on the board for the Tennessee Bluebird Society, a NABS affiliate, as well as being a director for NABS.  Chuck believes educating children about bluebirds and other native cavity-nesters is a great way to introduce them to our natural world and to their becoming good stewards of our environment.



Schuyler (Sky) Rector was born and raised in WI and for the last 50 years has resided with his wife Diana in Atlanta, GA.  Over the years he has been actively involved in several neighborhood organizations whose purpose is to preserve and protect the community.  His favorite pastimes are bridge, golf, gardening and woodworking.  His fondness for bluebirds goes back about 20 years.  He has built and installed over 200 Peterson nestboxes and monitors a bluebird trail of 20 nestboxes.  He is a Life member of NABS, actively seeks new members and builds nestboxes at cost for those willing to make a donation to NABS.




John Schuster lives with his wife, Katarina at their vineyard property in Cotati, California.  A former employee of the California Department of Forestry, Ecology Corps, he served as a firefighter for both California and the U. S. Forest Service.  John also works on many, and varied conservation projects throughout the state of California.  In 2000, he established Wild Wings Company after personally witnessing the success that beneficial cavity-nesting birds had on reducing pestilence in his, and other vineyard operations in his area.  He is a director and Lifetime member of NABS,  serving on the Education and the Nestbox Committees.


Bet Zimmerman Smith worked in environmental protection for three decades. She now volunteers for several open space and conservation organizations. She maintains an educational website about small cavity-nester conservation at  Bet is also a regular contributor of articles to the NABS Journal, Bluebird, is a NABS director, and serves on the NABS Grants, Education, Nestbox and Website Committees. She and her husband Patrick manage about 100 nestboxes in Northeastern CT.




Del Straub is a resident of Gallatin Gateway, located in southcentral Montana.  He is a licensed bluebird bander and is a member of Mountain Bluebird Trails, a NABS affiliate.  Del has managed a nestbox trail of over a hundred boxes for over a decade.  A part of this trail is dedicated to a long-term citizen science project.  He has served numerous 501.c.3 non-profit organizations as a director/trustee and specializes in non-profit financial management.  In addition to serving as a NABS director, Del is also a member of the Finance Committee.